Routine Questions

For questions regarding routine health issues, developmental concerns, school issues, lab results, medications, prescription refills, billing, and referrals, please call 781-729-4262 during routine office hours Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Follow the prompts on the phone greeting to reach the appropriate department.

Calls to your physician or covering physician will be returned as soon as possible, if he/she is unavailable to take the call at that time. Telephone calls received in the morning will be returned by 1:30 pm, while calls received during the afternoon will be returned by 6 pm.

If your child has laboratory tests done or ordered during an office visit, your physician will let you know when to call for results. The best care is provided when the physician who orders the test or your child’s primary physician discusses the results with you, so we will generally direct your phone call to one of these physicians to review the results.

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