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To our valued patients,

We appreciate your support and patience during this tumultuous time of the COVID pandemic. As a group, we have tried to adapt to the rapid changes in health care needs and delivery during this time. We have tried to consistently adhere to the CDC, as well as Massachusetts Department of Health guidelines as they have continued to evolve. Some of these changes have been for the better and we hope to continue these, some have been only approved temporarily given the COVID 19 pandemic. One of these changes has been the implementation of telehealth visits. We at Pediatricians, Inc think that telehealth visits have been helpful and have made patient access to care easier for families. During the pandemic, many insurers covered telehealth visit care as well as waived co-pays for these encounters. Insurers also waived state license requirements if patients sought telehealth from another state. Many of these adjustments were temporarily approved by insurers and may soon expire depending on your insurer. We will continue to offer this service to patients who request them but we need to make our patient population aware of some potential changes. 1) Check with your insurer before scheduling a telehealth visit if they cover this service, if co-pays apply, or if these visits fall within your deductible 2) We may be limited in providing telehealth care for patients who are calling from other states as we are licensed in the state where we work, not from where the caller lives

Remember that we will always offer the option of an in person visit if the patient chooses to avoid these issues. We are also aware of the financial burdens that insurers have put back onto patients in terms of co-pays, deductibles and out of pocket expenses. We will do our best to be sensitive to these issues as we provide care. On many occasions for simple matters, we can provide phone care without requiring telehealth visits. When keeping in mind whether you need a telehealth visit, please consider the following to both make it easier for you as well as to allow us the time needed to best address your health concerns. The following guidelines would suggest a telehealth or in office visit as compared with just a phone message; 1) Conversation that will require a new prescription or changing of an existing prescription 2) Conversation that will require a referral to a specialist 3) Conversation that requires viewing patient provided photos or videos 4) Conversation that will likely take greater than 10 minutes of discussion

Thank you and we hope your families are doing well during these times. Please reach out to us if we can be of any assistance or have further questions.

Please call our office to access telemedicine from any of our providers during business hours.

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